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Happiest Child

HAPPIEST CHILD “You’re only as unhappy as your unhappiest child,” my friend who has cancer says. I believe her.  You have to accumulate a lot of stress and heartache to get cancer.  It’s easy enough to acquire.  A small bad habit, … Continue reading

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Happy Hearts

  HAPPY HEARTS Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps.  Kiss your honey, your kids, your cats, your dogs, yourself even, and everyone else you love to have in your life.  It will make them feel loved and a lot lighter, and it … Continue reading

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#WATWB – How to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

#WATWB – How to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint I don’t really remember ever taking a walk along a beach that was littered with plastic.  It could be a case of being in the right place at the right time, or … Continue reading

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[Cut wood tree at Longwood Gardens] GRACE grace [grās]  n.  The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor, disposition to benefit or serve another, favor bestowed or privilege conferred.   It’s good to know your history, your people, the things that … Continue reading

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Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

[Photos by Stacey Lazos] Please enjoy this post by my sister, Stacey, about the beginning.  To find out “of what,” read on… Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Be foolishly in love because love is all there is. ~Rumi As a single woman … Continue reading

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In Defense of Love

[photos courtesy of Stephen D.] I first posted this essay three years ago.  I let it speak for itself.  Happy Valentine’s Day! In Defense of Love What follows is not the story I set out to write. I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Signature of All Things

The Signature of All Things      What a wonder is The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert, lush, verdant and efflorescent like the plants that fill its pages. You can’t help but get pulled in and up by … Continue reading

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Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy

“Memory is like rope, knotted every three or four feet, and hanging down a deep well. When you pull it up, just about anything might be attached to those knots. But you’ll never know what’s there if you don’t pull. And the … Continue reading

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