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Fast Fashion

What could possibly go wrong? How do we make it right? An interview with fashion designer, Resa McConaghy Three plus decades ago, my Aunt Marylou gave me two black dresses, both sheaths, both high-quality knit — if I had to … Continue reading

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Swamp Love Trifecta

Show me the money! If I told you one-eighth of the world’s inhabitants depend on wetlands for their livelihood you would probably say I’m crazy.  They’re just swamps, right?  Yes they are swamps, and yet, the Chesapeake Bay, the Louisiana … Continue reading

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Applying Environmental Justice Solutions to California Local Government Efforts in Water Conservation

by Luis González I had the pleasure of working with Luis González when he interned as a law clerk in our office last summer. Luis is currently a student at Vermont Law School, but as a San Diego, Cali resident, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As many of you know, I am crazy for clean, safe water for all and work toward that end both in my J.O.B. and in my volunteer life. So I am sharing the post I made for the Global Water … Continue reading

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What is This Man Thinking?

He’s probably thinking about the lack of access to improved sanitation for about 1/3 of the planet’s inhabitants. Today is World Toilet Day. Let’s review a few facts: How does a species evolve? For centuries, people lived side-by-side with their … Continue reading

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

by Ewoma E. Okah-Avae Ewoma is a Geographer, Environmentalist, Blogger & Podcaster on environmental awareness, issues and concerns. She has a blog on which she writes regularly about the environment. The Green Code: Invest In The Matters Of The Environment … Continue reading

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También la Lluvia

También La Lluvia (Even the Rain) (2000), directed by Icíar Bollaín, tells the story of a small film crew making a movie about Christopher Columbus’ landing in the New World and the effect Spain’s arrival had on the indigenous Indian … Continue reading

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Corporate Conscience – We Are the World Blogfest

Corporate America joins the fight in reducing plastic ocean waste. If you’ve been following this blog for even a little bit of time, you know I consider plastic, especially single-use plastics, one of the more detrimental products of modern life. … Continue reading

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Plastic Bank

[ PLASTIC BANK Okay, since this is supposed to be a feel-good blog post, I’m not going to bury you in plastic statistics the way we are ourselves being buried in the real thing, but I will shed a dash … Continue reading

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Blue Moon

[photo courtesy NASA]   Blue Moon Maybe the Man in the Moon has never been thirsty, but if he were, things are about to get better for him.  According to NASA, there is water, not only on the dark side … Continue reading

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