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Come So Far…

Shenandoah National Park © pam lazos Moderation in all things is a phrase attributable to the Greek poet Hesiod (circa 700 b.c.), the Roman comic dramatist Plautus (c. 250–184 bc), Buddhism generally, and I’m sure a majority of everyone’s grandparents. Even … Continue reading

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Alt-Facts and Obfuscation: Where the Real World Goes to Die

The world is faced with problemsAnd many illusionsLove is the man overstandingIt’s the only solution — Peter Tosh, Where You Gonna Run Alt-Facts.  Doesn’t it roll off the tongue? It feels like too much fried food sitting in the belly, … Continue reading

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The State of the Earth 2022

Not your typical Earth Day post There are only two roads in life, growing and dying. Tolbert McCarroll, Notes from the Song of Life Earth Day 2022.  If you want to know how it all started, you can read last … Continue reading

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Fight Climate Anxiety with Eco-Friendly Initiatives

by Joe Rees Please enjoy this timely article by Joe Rees, founder of catastrophes.info, providing lots of detailed information on being prepared for most any kind of climate disaster. Joe’s website is jammed pack with tons of handy information necessary … Continue reading

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Melting Greenland

Glasgow, Scotland, COP26 conference: While world leaders continue their debate over who needs to take responsibility for climate change and how much it’s going to cost, the earth keeps heating up. If your plumbing breaks and you can no longer … Continue reading

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Making From the Ground Up!

Tomorrow, following GWA’s 14th Annual Conference, we will kick off the award ceremony with a showing of “From the Ground Up,” a short documentary about lack of access to clean water in Tanzania. (spoiler alert: the story has a happy … Continue reading

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

by Ewoma E. Okah-Avae Ewoma is a Geographer, Environmentalist, Blogger & Podcaster on environmental awareness, issues and concerns. She has a blog on which she writes regularly about the environment. The Green Code: Invest In The Matters Of The Environment … Continue reading

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Happy World Oceans Day

[Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ] Today is World Oceans Day! Like humans who are about 70% water, oceans cover 70% of the earth. In all likelihood, life emerged from the primordial soup, from the oceans to the swamps, bogs, marshes … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form of Poetry

I will make no attempts at tomfoolery or to convince you as to the veracity of something which I am not — a poet.  Truth is, I am a shallow well when it comes to the art of poetry, much … Continue reading

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Solar Panels – A Homeowner’s Guide

[Photo Credit: Pexels.com] It’s good to know there are eco-warriors out there providing content for free on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.  From time to time, Mark Harris reaches out to me with some timely … Continue reading

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