Election Day 2022

River paying no mind © pam lazos

river paying no mind © pam lazos

Today is Election Day in the U.S. where democracy is on the ballot. It’s not hard to see how we tacked so far to crazy town, yet the seeds of discontent planted in prior decades are not only sprouting but trying to overtake the healthy ones.

In biology, a diverse culture is necessary for the health of the whole species, but there are many in the U.S. hellbent on a homogenous culture where the invasive species takes over, a death knell for the long-term health of the plant community as any good gardener knows. Maybe if we all just took a breath for a moment and found our commonalities we could get to yes?

So, check you weapons at the door and join me for a moment in this little prayer today for peace at the polls; a just and wise outcome in races across the country; for a more verdant and less polarized society; for people who believe in the rule of law as that is the only way a democracy stands; and for elected politicians who believe in solutions for clean water, climate change, and taking care of the environment as if we lived there — because at the end of the day, if you don’t have a livable planet, all the rest of this is b.s.

I’m going to leave you with this one from 2020 and while we’re not voting for a president this year, all the same issues are still in play and with all the election denying going on, we could be in for a way more bumpy ride. So vote y’all!

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23 Responses to Election Day 2022

  1. Yaksh singh says:

    Really a very wonderful✨ post dude. Just keep going on and awaring more people. Stay happy and stay connected.💞☺😊

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  2. You’re probably breathing a little bit better, Pam with Fetterman’s win and others, but I’m still holding my breath here in the Northwest. We have a super close one in my district. Fingers crossed we don’t get the crazy red hat one.

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  3. lampmagician says:

    As I write this, it must be almost done. And I have heard that it wasn’t as bad as I thought!! Although I must add here that I never believe in honest politics, I just think that Tramp is a nightmare!😜🥰💖🤗

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  4. I’m nervous, too, Pam. Your analogy about the invasive species taking over a garden is perfect and scary.

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  5. I’ll head to my voting site in a short while. I’ll be voting straight Blue.

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  6. Pat Dodson says:

    So much is at stake in this election. Thanks for illustrating this so beautifully. Democracy is being sorely tested.

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      I’m so nervous, Pat, and I don’t think we’ll know the outcome on some of these races for weeks or longer which is when the mischief starts happening. 😱 Hope all is well with you guys otherwise. 😘

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