World Environment Day

IMG_1161[photo — Bethany Beach, DE]

World Environment Day

Welcome to World Environment Day, a day to celebrate stewardship of the Earth. We as Americans have so many natural resources that we often take for granted while other parts of the world are not so lucky. So what can we do to make our place a little cleaner, more livable, more sustainable, and demonstrate our gratitude for those resources we do have?

Positive action to protect your planet is what it’s all about on June 5th. Remember, it’s the tiny things that add up to big things in the end so make a few little changes that will last a lifetime and help to transform not just yours, but many lives in the process. In the interim, here’s something to think about: our amazing water and a novel idea that will help those who don’t have access to WASH, water, sanitation and hygiene.   Read more here…

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