The GWA 9th Annual


The Global Water Alliance’s 9th Annual Conference

This year’s Global Water Alliance (GWA) conference in April 2016 hosted a variety of thinkers, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, policy makers and regulators at the Fox School of Business conference rooms at Temple University. All right, just one regulator, me, but I didn’t go for that reason. I went for the fun, I went for the camaraderie, and mostly, I went for the KTS, the knowledge transfer session. Since its inception, the GWA has been a networking station and clearinghouse for all these groups who have at their core a passion for water and solving the world’s WASH — water, sanitation and hygiene — issues.

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2 Responses to The GWA 9th Annual

  1. Ken Dowell says:

    So one day we’ll be able to flush our toilet and 46 hours later drink the same water. Now there’s something to look forward to. Interesting post. Look forward to hearing more about the conference.


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