The Worst Client Ever

It’s the 21st century.  By now we should be all living in peace and enjoying the view, but instead, we’re still rehashing the same tired old prejudices we’ve had since we all stole this place from the Native Americans.  Unfortunately, because of the current state of our political process and the presumptive GOP nominee, it doesn’t appear that it will end anytime soon.  Interest piqued?  Then please enjoy this post by my friend and colleague, William C. Smith.


Judge Higginbotham and The Worst Client Ever
By William C. Smith

I don’t shed any tears for Donald Trump’s lawyers. I’m sure they’re very well paid, and – thanks to their client’s notorious litigiousness — the sky’s the limit on those billable hours. According to USA Today, Trump has been involved in least 3,500 federal and state lawsuits over the past three decades.  Read more here…

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2 Responses to The Worst Client Ever

  1. Actually, according to USA Today, Trump’s lawyers aren’t even well-paid!
    Talk about the worst client ever . . .


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