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Mycelium á la Hermes

You all know how much I love the idea of mushrooms replacing plastic packaging, mushrooms that eat plastics, and mushrooms as a meat substitute, but what about mushrooms as a high-end handbag by Hermés? Interested?  Read on about how Hermés … Continue reading

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#WATWB – Climate Positivity!

  #WATWB — Climate Positivity! Did you know that mushrooms could be used to regenerate a forest or a riparian buffer?  How about to eliminate an invading colony of ants more efficiently and more safely than any pesticide could do?  … Continue reading

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My Pestalotiopsis Microspora

My Pestalotiopsis Microspora If you would have told me that a world drowning in plastic could be saved, I would have my doubts, but if you then told me it was a mushroom doing the saving, I would say you’d … Continue reading

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