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The 20th Annual – Whales-In-Training

[Photo by Steve Miller] The 20th Annual — Whales-in-Training Nothing announces the passage of time more succinctly than the inexorable growth of your children. Well, any children really, but when it’s one’s own or those of your friends, it”s particularly … Continue reading

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The 19th Annual

[photo by Steve Miller] The 19th Annual Man seeks permanence in an impermanent world through ritual and tradition. Birthdays, Christmas, the Summer Solstice, these are the yardsticks against which the passing years are measured. And for our little group who … Continue reading

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Hiking the Back Forty

Hiking the Back Forty Etymology back +‎ forty, meaning “back side of a farm”. In the Homestead Acts (1860s–), farmers were granted a quarter section; a section was 640 acres, a quarter section was 160 acres, and the quarter section … Continue reading

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