Hiking the Back Forty


Hiking the Back Forty


back +‎ forty, meaning “back side of a farm”. In the Homestead Acts (1860s–), farmers were granted a quarter section; a section was 640 acres, a quarter section was 160 acres, and the quarter section was itself subdivided into four quarter-quarter sections of 40 acres each: two front forty and two back forty.

-from Wiktionary, a multilingual free encyclopedia

Definition of BACK FORTY:  a remote and uncultivated or undeveloped piece of land of indefinite size (as on a farm).

-from Merriam-Webster, an Encyclopedia Britannica company

It’s winter and crazy cold. The temperature has been in the single digits for so long that the snow never melts, and our dog, Apollo, a Border collie/Labrador mix runs on high octane, meaning his exercise needs are enormous. So what’s a multi-tasker to do? Cross-country ski with the dog at lunch is what.

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