The 20th Annual – Whales-In-Training


[Photo by Steve Miller]

The 20th Annual — Whales-in-Training

Nothing announces the passage of time more succinctly than the inexorable growth of your children. Well, any children really, but when it’s one’s own or those of your friends, it”s particularly poignant, especially if those friends happen to be your forever friends. This past Memorial Day, “The Whales” celebrated our 20th Annual camping trip at Shawnee State Park in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. We’ve been friends for several decades now, friendships sealed in the extraordinary times at Penn State’s Happy Valley and still going strong.  Read on…

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4 Responses to The 20th Annual – Whales-In-Training

  1. Pat & Jonathan Heller says:

    Well said Pam. (The river ride was pretty dangerous!!!!)


  2. gmb says:

    I’m glad you were able to go and enjoy time with your friends. You will always remember each trip.


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