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Plastic-Free Life Redux: A Story of Independence

[4th of July fireworks over Lancaster] Plastic-Free Life Redux: A Story of Independence A couple months ago I sent a letter to the four biggest local grocery stores in my area, espousing the benefits of removing single-use plastic packaging from … Continue reading

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Plastic-Free Life

[Fruits for a plastic-free life unite.] Plastic-Free Life I think I’m just one of those people that needs a mission. ┬áThis week I decided that if I’m ever going to even approach a Zero Waste Life, I need to find … Continue reading

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EEEWW, Are You Going to Eat That?

[photo of a vending machine I spotted at the LCSWMA trash tour — best vending machine ever!] EEEWW, Are You Going to Eat That? We have some refrigerator food rules in our house: two days for fish, three for cooked … Continue reading

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