And Then, Something Wonderful Happened…

And Then, Something Wonderful Happened…

Have you noticed the level of crazy in the world has grown exponentially over the last few months?  And that’s an increase over the crazy of the last few years.

Right now, there are protests going on around the world in Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, France, Peru, Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, even the Netherlands, and more if you count the climate change protests that happened last month, and while each group is protesting for different reasons, at heart, they are all looking toward the same thing: an improved way of life.

But, you say, this is the #WATWB Friday.  We don’t want to hear about world protests and climate change sagas.  We want some good news.

To which I reply, okay then, here it is, as reported by mbglifestyle — mbg for mind, body, green — and that is, 19 good things to happen for the planet so far in 2019.  Ready?  Here they are:

Regeneration; plastic pollution ban; plastic bag ban; children leading the way on climate change; Puerto Rico goes renewable; reusable packaging; “Park” prescriptions; carbon-neutral online shopping; Yosemite National Park in the spotlight; solar and wind gain in popularity; upgrading the ingredients we put into our bodies; Burger King’s meatless burger; fashion resale retail on the rise; Finland phases out coal; NYC’s meatless Mondays; electric ride-sharing; 17 million more trees to be planted; U.S. National Parks for the win; and a gorgeous magazine devoted to climate change!

This list was compiled way back on Earth Day, April 22, so imagine how much more has happened since then.

And there you have it, cultural change one protest, one company, one idea at a time.  We can’t be worried about tracking dirt into the foyer while the rest of the house burns to the ground — which seems to be the concern, the foyer, that is, of practically all governments everywhere — can we?  So let’s get busy supporting all these new initiatives for a cleaner, greener us.

As Abraham-Hicks says in Ask and It Is Given, “there’s never a crowd on the leading edge.”  But, oh how wonderful it can be when the crowd catches up and a real cultural shift occurs?

That’s where we are now, people, as chaotic as it may seem on a day-to-day basis — on the verge of a cultural shift.  Just keep on changing one old outdated idea at a time and know that it’s going to work out.

And then, something wonderful happened.  We all came to our senses and lived our best lives.  All of us.  Together.

It’s the last Friday of the month and that means it’s time for the We Are the World blogfest, #WATWB.

Welcome to this month’s #WATWB, a monthly good news trip around the world.  May we all be energized and rejuvenated by the good news.  If you’re interested in joining our Blog Hop, the guidelines follow:

1. Keep your post to below 500 words;

2. Link to a human news story on the last Friday of each month that demonstrates love, kindness, humanity, support, open-mindedness, you know, that kind of stuff, but no proselytizing, preaching or inconsiderateness toward others;

3. Post on the last Friday of the month in sharing the good news.  No story is too big or small;

4. Place the WE ARE THE WORLD Badge on your sidebar and help spread the word on social media. Tweets, Facebook shares, G+ shares using the #WATWB hashtag through the month most welcome;

5. Read and comment on others’ posts, play nice, and make friends;

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Thanks for reading.

pam lazos 10.25.19




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28 Responses to And Then, Something Wonderful Happened…

  1. Yes! We need to show a spotlight on the amazing accomplishments that have been going on because they give the rest of the world proof that more can be done. If we got this far, we can go further. xxxxxxx

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  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    Yes, good things are happening to make our world a better place. It’s a beginning and we have a long way to go. Thanks for this happy-hope giving post, Pam!

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  3. We need to focus on the good–thanks for this post that embodies the WATWB spirit so well.

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  4. Damyanti Biswas says:

    A list of 19 good things to happen to this earth was interesting! Hope it gets longer with each day!

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  5. Greta Thunberg was in our city last Friday and it was a thrill to see her with 15,000 other supporters and I just heard some good news about all our efforts re: the ozone layer, it’s getting smaller, hooray! Thank you for sharing your uplifting list…

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  6. Wm. Allen says:

    Very interesting, thank you.


  7. Ken Dowell says:

    Nice list. Hope it keeps getting longer.

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  8. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam – there are good things happening, technologies being developed to counter ‘the bad’ and help our lives … people setting examples for us and others to follow … we are becoming more aware. Long may it last and progress … – great #WATWB … cheers Hilary

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  9. lindasschaub says:

    We are grateful for small things Pam

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  10. Your post makes me feel better Pam. Some great things are happening.

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  11. Susan Scott says:

    So much good is happening! One step at a time becomes a 1000 steps. Progress is being made even though it seems as if we’re going backwards sometimes. I have every confidence that a cultural shift IS happening 🙂 Thanks Pam – good news indeed and a great post for #WATWB. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

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  12. “So let’s get busy supporting all these new initiatives for a cleaner, greener us.”
    ~ I’m in!!!

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  13. bikerchick57 says:

    Thanks for participating in #WATWB and sharing the many cultural changes. They are all good for the planet and its people. I zoned in on “fashion resale retail on the rise” as I have taken to shopping thrift stores the last nine years and I love it. We create so much “stuff” in the world, but how much is reused? How much ends in the landfill? We tend to think “new” is better, but I have found used clothing and furniture that is just as good and is great for saving our natural resources.

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