New Beginnings

[all photos:  Cape May, New Jersey, by yours truly]

New Beginnings

They say every day is a new beginning.  What if you, like the earth, could start anew…


a clean slate…

a chance to fly with the tree swallows…


or the gulls…

to shimmer like the sun on the water…

hugging the horizon for a time only to rise and run across the sky…

What if?

Yesterday’s gone.  Today’s rainbow awaits.  Go lasso it.  It’s yours for the asking.

pam lazos 10.21.19


About Pam Lazos

writer, blogger, environmentally hopeful
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49 Responses to New Beginnings

  1. I needed this today. Working hard on building that new day for my family. Praying we all find that new day soon. xxxxx

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  2. Quirky Girl says:

    Nothing calms the mind and soothes the soul like a good dose of nature. I’m a sucker for stunning photos of oceans and sunrises/sunsets, and this post was just what I needed right now. 🙂

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  3. Lovely pictures 🧚🏻‍♀️💓✨

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  4. Love the beautiful pictures Pam! Yes, everyday is a new beginning.

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  5. Looking at your photos I’d wish we could continue having wonderful weather and new beginnings! 🌞

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  6. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Beautiful photos. Here’s to new beginnings!

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  7. Barbara says:

    What beautiful photos . I was so lucky to have the pleasure of your company this weekend . It was magical. Good friends are life’s treasures .

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      Ah so – that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it? Good friends, lots of belly laughs, 🤭 and the simple pleasure of a glorious sunrise. 🌅 Have a wonderful day, Barbara. 😘❤️🥰


  8. Mick Canning says:

    I think we’d all like to do that sometimes.

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  9. Love your philosophy, Pam. And love these stunning pictures!

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  10. It appears you have had a regenerative time away Pam – these photos are beautiful!

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  11. Beautiful sunset, Pam. We can make each new day a new beginning. The choice is ours!

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  12. KDKH says:

    Good thoughts and pics!

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  13. Wonderful post and pictures Pam. Pure inspiration.

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  14. Gorgeous photos. Gaia would be pleased with them.

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  15. Susan Scott says:

    WOW Pam your photos are outstanding! Thank you for sharing them! Mother Nature is born anew every time and it’s good to imagine that we too can be 😀

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  16. Cape May, what a great place and inspirational.

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  17. Gina M Briggs says:

    Hope everything is well with you.


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  18. Ken Dowell says:

    Your photos are making me miss Cape May where I haven’t been for a couple years.

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