Corporate Conscience – We Are the World Blogfest

Corporate America joins the fight in reducing plastic ocean waste.

If you’ve been following this blog for even a little bit of time, you know I consider plastic, especially single-use plastics, one of the more detrimental products of modern life. Since plastic first came to market in the 1950s, over 9 billion tons have been manufactured as bottles, bags, car parts, computers, and so on, roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity, yet virtually every piece of plastic ever made exists in some shape or form.

Recycling rates for plastic overall are at an abysmal 9%, slightly higher for bottles at 30%, but nothing to get excited about, especially considering that a lot of the detritus is now floating around in the ocean — where, if production isn’t curbed and recycling rates aren’t increased, will result in, pound-for-pound, more plastic in the ocean than fish — and, just as bad, in our rivers, carried along by stormwater runoff where it commingles with pollutants and hazardous substances.

Perhaps the news has gotten so bad that even corporations are having a “come to Jesus” moment. In a move more refreshing than the iconic drink itself, Coca Cola is partnering with The Ocean Cleanup to remove plastic waste — which includes plastic coke bottles and Dasani water bottles both made by Coca Cola — from the seas as the TOC’s first Global Implementation Partner. Exciting, right? You can read more here with their press release.

So let’s keep plastics, and by extrapolation, microplastics out of the things we love like beer, and rivers, oceans, and humans; and let’s reduce, reuse, and recycle our plastic waste so our kids can enjoy the kind of futures we all got to enjoy without worrying about the bottom falling out of the whole dang planet before they even get a chance to look around.

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pam lazos 6.25.21

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26 Responses to Corporate Conscience – We Are the World Blogfest

  1. Good move on their part! Considering all the health stuff about how “bad” over-consuming soda is, Coke’s got to get back into a positive light. Moves like this can help them look good and help the environment get better. 🙂

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      Still doesn’t make coke better, she said, drinking a Diet Coke.. 😂 it’s one of my (infrequent) guilty pleasures. Something about the bubbles and the coke syrup. My parents used to give us coke syrup when we had an upset stomach so I think it’s tied to that. 😂

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      • I know just what you mean! Bo swore off soda years ago to help reign in his sugar intake, and I followed suit. Once in a while, though, I let myself have a Coke Classic when Bo’s not home so it doesn’t tempt him. If there’s no Coke, I don’t have a soda at all. I used to drink Mountain Dew like water, but now the idea of drinking citrus soda makes my tummy turn. A regular Coke now and then, though, is nice! But it has to be a can so I don’t overdo it, and it can’t be more than once every a couple of weeks so I don’t get back into the habit. Coffee’s enough caffeine for my regular intake, that’s for sure! 🙂

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      • Pam Lazos says:

        We all have our little vices, I guess. 😂

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  2. da-AL says:

    thank goodness people are starting to wake up. hoping it goes faster though…

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  3. Linda Schaub says:

    Maybe stiffer fines for littering could help, though I never fail to be amazed at how people deposit their litter onto the ground, just a stone’s throw from a receptacle. I shake my head so much these days, I fear it will spin off sometimes.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. bikerchick57 says:

    Kudos to Coca-Cola for helping to save our environment. I hope some day all large companies like this will be on the same side.

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  5. Great post, it seems ridiculous that we need to use plastic to package so many products. Thanks so much for sharing this and for being a part of #WATWB! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  6. Susan Scott says:

    Great post Pam. Plastic use must be eradicated as much as possible or to recycle it. Make a business out of recycling. People must come to the party stat. Things are looking bleak. My eggs and avos and a few other shop things come in recyclable, decomposable material. But still, much doesn’t.

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  7. lampmagician says:

    Amen! Though our problems are not only the production of plastic. There’re, unfortunately, so many idiots who throw this rubbish thoughtlessly into the seas and woods. You do an excellent job, my dear Pam. Thank you. 🙏💖🤗

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  8. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam – yes … we need to get the corporates to accept responsibility re the production of plastic products – the word is getting out, and I guess a little at a time is better than ‘nout’. We all need to be collecting off the streets too – as people are so irresponsible and lazy re their own refuse … one wonders what their houses look like. Thanks for this #WATWB … cheers Hilary

    PS Misty Clips are made of a bio-degradeable substance …

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  9. Thank you for sharing this informative post and for being a part of #WATWB, Ms. Pam.

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  10. I think I’ve said this here before: I don’t understand why nearly everything isn’t packaged in sturdy, biodegradable, plant-based materials.

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  11. I sure wish all the talk would become action on the part of people. Nothing seems to separate them from their plastic water bottles and poop bags.

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  12. About time, Pam! Here’s hoping that more companies that use plastic bottles will join ocean cleanup projects.

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