Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tricks and Holistic Home Organization Advice

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Please enjoy this blog post on eco-friendly cleaning by Mark Harris, an occasional contributor to Green Life Blue Water and one of the contributors to the free DIY eco site, Awareness Toolkits. Thanks, Mark.

A clean, organized, and healthy home provides numerous benefits to its occupants, including fewer allergies, less stress, more motivation, and better concentration, to name just a few. Who doesn’t love the sound of that? Today we are sharing these simple, eco-friendly cleaning tips to organize your house and make it sparkle with chemical-free cleanliness.

Change Your Air Filter

Before you do any cleaning, change your HVAC air filter. Air filters should be changed on a regular basis to maintain healthy air quality in the home. A dirty filter can strain your HVAC system and increase your energy consumption, and there’s nothing green about that! When you buy a new filter, look for one with a MERV rating of 8. To help you save a little money on the cost of these filters, search for online savings that you can use to your advantage. For example, Target coupons and cashback offers can make this cost more manageable.

Ditch the Clutter

Your HVAC system will remove dust from your air, but what about all the surfaces in your home still harboring grime and bacteria? Decluttering can help you tackle problem areas and cut down on the amount of cleaning you need to do on a regular basis. Plus, according to Prevention, decluttering is essential for reducing stress and anxiety. When you’re surrounded only by items that you love, you’ll feel positive all day long!

There are plenty of great ways to get rid of stuff you no longer want without throwing it all in the trash. Hold a yard sale, list smaller items for sale online, and donate to local charities. Also, find out where you can recycle various broken electronics—these can leak toxic chemicals into the environment when they end up in the landfill. 

Make It Easy to Stay Organized

Once you’ve removed things you no longer want, set up simple organizational systems to keep your home feeling balanced and peaceful. For example, try creating a nice space by your entryway to hang jackets, store shoes, and stash bags so these items don’t end up all over your house. Forbes recommends keeping a dedicated basket or tote bag for collecting items you would like to bring somewhere to donate. Stop adding stuff to junk drawers, give each item you own a special place in your home, and develop a nightly routine that involves tidying before bed—waking up to a clean house every morning is super refreshing and energizing!

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Believe it or not, you can keep your home fresh and germ-free without using chemicals at all. Most household cleaning products release harmful chemicals into the air and waterways, hurting both you and the environment. Instead, make your own cleaning products with common pantry items. Greatist has compiled an awesome list of recipes you can try.

Rearrange Your Space

Being in your home should feel peaceful. If something feels off, you may need to do some rearranging and redecorating. Textures, colors, lighting, and even the size of objects in a room will contribute to the overall sense of balance. One way to bring balance to your home is to paint your walls in calming shades of blues, greens, and soft neutral colors. Just make sure to choose eco-friendly paints to keep chemicals out of your home’s air. Head over to BalancedBabe for more tips on making your home feel more harmonious.

Bring Nature Indoors

Finally, add a few touches of nature throughout your home. Live plants, as well as paintings and photographs that depict nature, can infuse your home with a sense of calm. Even natural elements, such as wood, bamboo, and stone, can create a more relaxed atmosphere and help you focus on any tasks you need to get done. For bonus points, choose air-purifying plants like peace lilies and Boston ferns.

A home that’s clean and organized feels great to live in. Purge your clutter, get in the habit of tidying up on a regular basis, and opt for eco-friendly cleaning practices to maintain a healthy home environment for your family.

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16 Responses to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tricks and Holistic Home Organization Advice

  1. We’re striving to do this very thing! Getting kids to part with stuff has been a challenge, but I’m really proud of Bo taking a realistic look at the basement to see what can be donated and clear up so much stuff. One can’t clean up all that dust and grime if one won’t move stuff out, too! 🙂 Hope you and yours are having a lovely summer. xxxxxxxx

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  3. GOOD> Glad I am not alone…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. okay… …. Seeing as we is confessin’. I ahve the utility room in its entirety, the walk in boiler cupboard the 30 feet attic eaves, the bedroom cupboard with all the hidden caverns under the attic stairs parts, the huge double wardrobe, the smaller double wardrobe in the other bedroom, every kitchen cabinet and cupboard, the kitchen drawers, the kitchen sideboard,… IN my defense I also had the garden shed until recently but I tied that. Let’s be honest, behind the scenes I am a messy cow actually. it lets me keep the rest of my life in order. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pam Lazos says:

      Sisters! 👯‍♀️ I’ve been making slow but steady progress in Marie Kondo-ing my house, but these things take tremendous amounts of time so do I write ✍️ or do I clean 🧼 and the answer to me seems obvious.😂😘❤️

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  5. “Being in your home should feel peaceful” — this is very true. A peaceful environment has positive effects psychologically, emotionally and physically.

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  6. I suppose I really should stop having cupboards you have to shoulder shut. I mean I know where everything is exactly but it is the grandies’ faces when they open one. Then they spend the next hour looking as if there is a darkly eccentric side to ‘Nina’ …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pam Lazos says:

      That is hilarious although sounds like the source of a few good plot twists?! As someone whose kitchen, master bath and outdoor deck all need a redo, 💵 💴 💰 I can honestly say I feel your pain, Shey. 😂 This is why people move every 20 years. So they don’t have to deal with home improvements!

      Liked by 1 person

      • My darling I will confess, this is not home improvements, this is just the way i keep cupboards and any space you can’t see!!! I mean you open them and it is like AHHHHHHHH. But I feel it allows the rest of the home to stay in zen mode …………. These places take the pain of life….. xxxxx

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      • Pam Lazos says:

        We are all allowed at least one junk drawer, closet, cupboard etc. I just have a few more than most!😘😂❤️

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