From Grass Roots to Groundswell — and a Happy Thanksgiving


From Grassroots to Groundswell — and a Happy Thanksgiving

We all have priorities, agendas to push, deeds to do, and wrongs to right, but where it used to be you could do your thing and go about your business, today the nation works more like a house divided where priorities have been bumped in favor of prejudices with nary an agreement in sight.  Agreement results in action, Agreement results in advancement, Agreement results in success.  Everything good that ever came about in the history of man was by agreement.  Heck, even linear time — which is actually not linear, but everywhere, all at once, as Einstein pointed out — is by Agreement.

So how do we reach Agreement?  Perhaps the secret lies in being open to how we view the world?

Here’s an example.  Look at the picture above.  Some people may see a drone, but it’s actually a blown up photo of a dragonfly that I took at a magical place in Kilnaboy, County Clare, Ireland.  Prejudice is a result of how you were taught to see the world and your choice creates your reality.  Prejudice wraps your POV in a vice-grip and forces you to choose:  it can be as simple as choosing your right hand over your left, or it can spark the first stramash that leads to WWIII, but the choice doesn’t need to lead to strife.

A couple of weeks ago we chose our elected leaders.  I never thought the mid-terms would be over, but here we are, still getting up and going to work (unless you’re Jeff Sessions), no longer obsessing about the caravan overtaking the country or the angry mobs that will burn down the streets if the Democrats win.  So much fear churning and burning in our guts with every news cycle.  Why are we letting others think our thoughts, literally choosing our reality for us?  My nominee of choice, Jess King, did not win her congressional district, but she ran a campaign of high integrity, never once taking the low road despite many such jabs and smear tactics practiced by the incumbent (who was also a distant relative of hers).  She ran an honest grassroots campaign and didn’t take a dime of PAC (political action committee) money — which has become synonymous with big business — a hometown hero and mother of two who ran because she wanted a better world for her daughters and the county.  She was an inspiration to everyone who watched or helped her campaign.  I even canvassed for her, something I never thought I would do for anyone.  While she has no plans to run again, she created a real groundswell of support in our community.  It wasn’t enough to unseat the incumbent, but she got people’s attention.  

And that’s how change happens, from grassroots to groundswell, one person, one mind at a time, growing, until critical mass takes over and we reach Agreement, not through fear or loathing or corrosiveness, but simply Agreement. 


Time to try heart-based listening instead of listening to special interests; to ditch tribal mentality and become us and them instead of us vs. them; to put down the remote and ask your neighbor to lunch; to look one another in the eye and, to quote James Cameron’s Avatar, saying, “I see you,” and maybe then, Agreement will be ours once again.

As for today, be grateful for each and every one of the things in your life, blessings and other, for it’s the difficult road that often gives way to the smooth one and leaves you with that delicious feeling of peace in your soul.  I see you, and I hope that we can all find the commonalities of our humanness so we can one day also say, I agree with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

plazas 11.22.18

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28 Responses to From Grass Roots to Groundswell — and a Happy Thanksgiving

  1. A truly beautiful post Pam! xoxo

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  2. Beautiful post! Wisconsin got quite nasty with the ad campaigns, too. We need more grass-roots, more legit compassion and support for legit politicians rather than, “what did I hear on that last ad? Whatevs, I’ll just slot myself Rep/Dem on all of’em.” We so often follow the status quo of either elephant or donkey that we forget to actually read up on what these individual politicians want to do. But that takes effort, and the Kardashians aren’t talking about it, soooo soundbytes and ads, it is.


    Can’t help but wonder what a celebrity-led panel discussion with politicians would be like–say, if Matt Damon, Viola Davis, and…hmm…need a hearthrob to look steamy-thoughtful…whoever was in Ready Player One, I guess. Or have Dancing with the Congress, a reality show where they talk agenda between tangos.

    Of course, the ongoing problem here is that information will still be tailored. However, if we can just get people THINKING about what various candidates wish to do and how they differ from one another, rather than tuning out every time an ad comes on, that’d be a start.

    Gosh, I got rambly this time….hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

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  3. Susan Scott says:

    Belated happy Thanksgiving Pam! Hope it was great and joyful. I enjoyed your post. I often wonder about we hold on almost obsessively to our prejudices and POV as if we lost or loosened them we would also be lost. We invest in them so much. Imagine investing in working towards agreement – no more us and them/other! I see you! Happy day! 😀

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  4. Ken Dowell says:

    Maybe the best thing about the midterms is the candidates like Jess King, many of whom won. A woman who lives in my hometown, Mikie Sherril ran for a House seat in her first venture into elective politics and managed to win in a district that Republicans had held for decades.

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    • pjlazos says:

      It does give one hope for a brighter future to see such things. I’m going to think positive thoughts, listen to the news a little less, and hope for the best. Happy Thanksgiving, Ken. Hope your year is rich with friends, family and things to be grateful for.


  5. lindasschaub says:

    I like your thought and your pictures Pam and I’d like to cuddle with those kitties as well. 🙂

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    • pjlazos says:

      The kitties are quite the cuddlemuffins. Another thing to be grateful for, Linda. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

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      • lindasschaub says:

        Yes, it was quiet as usual, but nice and I got a long walk in. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well Pam. Those kitties were sweet together like that … I have a friend who shelters feral cats in addition to having cats of her own. Some of the kittens in those litters sleep all together in the shelters she has built for them. She puts in a heated pad and straw and uses heated dishes for food and water for them as well. Sometimes she’ll look outside and see them sleeping together … very sweet.

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      • pjlazos says:

        Aww, my cats don’t always canoodle like that by when they do it’s adorbs. Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. 🍁🍽🦃

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  6. A happy Thanksgiving, you wise and special lady xxxxx

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  7. Common sense. Abilities to listen and compromise. A decent degree of open mindedness. May these characteristics become commonplace within the human race!

    A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Pam.

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  8. Beautifully said Pam – I send all good wishes for you and your country!

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  9. hilarymb says:

    Hi PJ – excellent post … lead by example … and continue to lead, set our standards and adhere to them … this world has so much to offer – examples need to be set. Jess certainly seems to have done that – as have you in this post … here’s to Thanksgiving and to thoughtfulness about our decisions … take care – Hilary

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    • pjlazos says:

      Hello and a happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Hilary! You are one of those wonderful people who lead by example and for that, I am grateful.😘🍁🦃

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      • hilarymb says:

        I try- but sadly so often don’t … but keep reminding myself when I answer others’ posts … appreciate that you think I appear to … probably do pretty well … xoxo can’t do emojis on here … I guess there’s a way! Enjoy your day … Canada had theirs 7 weeks ago … so normal Thursday here! Cheers Hilary

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      • pjlazos says:

        Well happy normal Thursday to you!😘

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