Thirsty Burger


Thirsty Burger

Consider the cow. It takes one gallon — 3.6 liters — per 100 pounds of body weight to water a cow and two gallons when it is hot outside. If Bessy is lactating, you need to double those numbers. However, that doesn’t account for the amount of water it takes to grow the hay or corn for Bessy to eat, or the gallons upon gallons it takes to butcher her and scrub the factory floor clean when the job is done. When you run the numbers, growing food is a water intensive business. If people don’t have access to water they don’t have food, and if it’s tainted water, the food will not be that stellar either. Worldwide, agriculture accounts for about 70% of all fresh water usage,  and in water poor regions, residents may need to choose between taking a shower or growing their beans/greens.     Read more here…

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writer, blogger, environmentally hopeful
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