From a Climate Change Christmas to a Hi-Tech New Year


[photo by Arianna Rich]

“Roughly one-eight of the carbon in your flesh, hair and bones recently emerged from smokestacks and tailpipes. We are not only a source of air pollution — we are pollution, and our waste fumes will henceforth be woven into the bodies of our descendants, too.
“Tales of a Warmer Planet” by Curt Stager
Sunday New York Times Review

From a Climate Change Christmas to a Hi-Tech New Year

     It’s true, right? As far as I can tell, for most of us it was the strangest Christmas on record, the un-Christmas as I’ve taken to calling it. Here in Central Pennsylvania, the fog on Christmas morning was so thick you could barely see the farm fields surrounding us. Fog forms when condensed water droplets squeeze together as a result of air expansion. At some point — the dew point, actually — the air can’t hold all this water vapor and it condenses into liquid, forming fog. Apparently, the three days of on and off rain we had leading up to Christmas was just too much for the air and soil to handle. Driving across bucolic Central PA farmland with visibility limited to a couple hundred feet in any direction was like driving on the moon. The air was so dense and wet with dew that you could wash your hands just by holding them out the window.   Read more here…

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