The Climate It Is a-Changin’


The Climate It Is a-Changin’

     Over 150 world leaders gathered in Paris on Monday in the city of love, and also the location of one of the world’s worst terror attacks since 911, to talk about the weather, or more accurately, how we can put the brakes on the runaway train ride to hell that will be our life on earth if we do not deal with our fossil fuel addiction. I found Obama’s remarks in the last few days particularly poignant, especially his challenge to those who would commit acts of terror, to show them what nations can do when they work together. Just the thought of such unprecedented levels of cooperation is thrilling, and the world will be better for it. Of course, it’s not all Kumbaya and Obama still has to fight the good fight at home with Congress, but right is stronger than might, Mr. President, so don’t let the naysayers or Big Coal push you around. They’re just scared because they’ll have to reinvent themselves and the lot of them are resistant to change.

Here’s a few reasons to want to fix the problem from the WHO’s top ten facts about climate change:   Change welcome here…

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8 Responses to The Climate It Is a-Changin’

  1. I’m glad for Obama’s remarks as well. I hope we can effect some much-needed change in Congress too in the next election.


  2. Will limiting environmental pollution be sufficient for the planet if the world’s population continues to increase exponentially? Amelia


    • pjlazos says:

      Hi Amelia. I have the same worries. Experts estimate that with the population expanding at the rate it is, we’ll run out of potable water by 2040, a pretty scary prediction. Think about how we fight over oil and then transfer that fight to water where the stakes are so much higher, after all, we can live without oil, but not water. They are already experiencing these issues in the Western States either because of drought (California) or water rights (Colorado and Mexico). It’s hard to see how technology can save is in this instance. It feels to me like it’s way beyond the 11th hour.


  3. GMB says:

    It’s December and for the next week the highs are expected to be in the 50s. In New York City. Everyone knows it is odd, but mild weather is appreciated. Still, somewhere someone is suffering for it.


    • pjlazos says:

      And in the next twenty years, Philadlephia will have the climate of Richmond. The odd warm day becomes the norm and the delicate balance unravels. At least Donald Trump will be happy. He can advertise his NYC real estate as “tropical living.”


  4. William Smith says:

    Good essay. You and Pope Francis rock.

    Virtually yours, Bill Smith



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