Geese through a Lens

Through a Lens

International migratory bird day — the second Saturday in May in the U.S. — focuses on conserving migratory birds and their habitats around the world. One of my favorite migratory birds is the small, but mighty ruby-throated hummingbird who treks 600 miles each fall from the Eastern U.S., crossing the Gulf of Mexico on a non-stop flight all the way into Central America and Mexico, only to return to Pennsylvania in the spring (April/May), and then continue traveling further up the East Coast as the weather improves. I’m enamored of this little bird whose wings beat so quickly that it needs to eat constantly to provide its body with enough food and warmth to keep going, a veritable poster child for strength and resilience. Plus it can hover, so it’s got my vote for the coolest bird trick award.

My other favorite, not because of it’s amazing feats of strength and aeronautics, but for its sheer presence and elegance is the snow goose.

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