May is National Wetlands Month!

frogging in plain view

May is National Wetlands month.  Why does that matter?  Because wetlands are tremendously important and among the most productive ecosystems in the universe — okay, maybe not the universe, but the planet — holding the space for a wide variety species to make their debut — birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, flora, fauna, and more.  Without this womb-like place, a veritable biological superstore for species to gain traction in the world, the planet would be much less diverse.  Wetlands benefit people by removing contaminants and improving water quality, producing products for the economy, providing a residence for threatened and endangered habitat, and acting as a natural sponge for flood waters, thereby providing flood protection.

In honor of National Wetlands Month, I’m focusing once again on the East Kolkata wetlands in West Bengal, India, a diverse ecosystem that not only manages the waste stream of a city of approximately five million naturally, but provides fresh food, aquaculture, and jobs for the local economy.  Please enjoy this movie from the Society for Creative Opportunities and Participatory Ecosystems to learn more about this magnificent enterprise.

If you feel that wetlands are as important to society as say, air, then donate to an organization that believes the same because the maintenance an ongoing care of all wetlands, even ones halfway across the world, benefit everyone.

pam lazos 5.21.22

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15 Responses to May is National Wetlands Month!

  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Thank You for sharing this 😀 It has been very informative.

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  2. Linda Schaub says:

    Your frog is wearing a slightly disgruntled look for National Wetlands Month Pam – perhaps you awakened it? The local nature sites I follow are featuring wetlands more and more and that is good because thy say our environment is healthy (the landscape … the people sometimes not so much).

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  3. da-AL says:

    wonderful post – here in Los Angeles, we’re constantly having to stave off developers from building over marshlands…

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  4. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam – what an interesting film … the farmers are being eased out – and how informative about life on the edge of a big city. Frightening … or perhaps worrying would be a better word. Thanks for sharing with us … I will remember it.

    I hope the peoples of Kolkata will let the wetlands exist … those farmers know the value, and are bringing up their families to realise the value of land too … as well as ensuring they get education, training, but remembering that the land provides their nourishment (food) for their and others futures. Thanks – glad to see the wetland frog! Hilary

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  5. As you say, wetlands are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Plus, they are beautiful!

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  6. lampmagician says:

    And how it does matter! Thank you, dear Pam. 🙏🦋💖

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