Save the World and Solve a Murder in This #Podcast: Oil and Water by @pjlazos

My wonderful friend, Jean Lee has featured Oil and Water on her newest adventure, a podcast called Story Cuppings where she takes a “sip” of each novel by reading and analyzing the first chapter. It’s a delight to hear her read it. Please enjoy and thanks for listening/reading.

Jean Lee's World

Welcome back, my fellow creatives! We’ll continue tasting the wares of fellow indie authors I have gotten to know in this beautiful community through the years.

Let’s see how oil and water will taste in our brew today. It’s time to take a sip fromOil and Water by P.J. Lazos.

What does a reader experience in those opening pages, and what lessons can a writer take away in studying just one chapter? Let’s find out!

If you do not see the audio player above, you can access the podcast here.

If you’d like to see more about environmental issues and initiatives to make our world a better place, do check out Pam’s amazing blog!

Be on the look out for more sweet indie goodness in the autumn podcasts to come!

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

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17 Responses to Save the World and Solve a Murder in This #Podcast: Oil and Water by @pjlazos

  1. What a clever idea. I lost track of Jean Lee, used to follow her. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam – it all sounds an interesting suspenseful, intellectual mystery … I’m unable to listen to the podcast … but am so pleased to have an idea of your book – congratulations. All the best – Hilary

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  3. This lovely, Pam–both you and Jean did an amazing job!

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  4. So happy you dug this! It’s always an honor to share such beautiful souls xxxxxxxxxxx

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  5. I’d forgotten that you’ve written books. You are a multi-talented lady!

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  6. Sistah…it was wonderful to see you on Jean’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      And you as well, my dear! I loved the Lady Fury episode!! Jean does bring it to life in the way it was meant to be, doesn’t she. 🥰

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      • Jean is amazing. I have long taken my hat off to her and you know I had no idea she was doing that episode. I nearly fell through the floor. I mean it was one of these ..oh is that Fury? What is she here for? RIGHT . Episodes. WHAT??? .. But Jean is unstinting in her support of authors, she is bloody smart, juggles so much. She’s brilliant in so many ways xxxx

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      • Pam Lazos says:

        She did the same with me and then I see a tweet that said, “Surprise!” Too funny. We gotta stick together, we gals. ;0) Have a bountiful day, friend. xoxo

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