Are you an EcoPreneur?

FAQs and Resources to Help You Become a Successful EcoPreneur

Here at Green Life Blue Water, I’m dedicated to promoting sustainable living and respect for the environment. That is why from time to time, I post information and services from like-minded folks, like this one from Mark Harris who is so very excited to help you on your way to becoming a successful EcoPreneur. Of course, you may have some questions before getting started and Mark has prepared a FAQ list that can help answer them and provide valuable resources in the process. 

Take it away, Mark:

What Is an EcoPreneur

You’ve heard of being an entrepreneur, but perhaps you’ve never heard the term “EcoPreneur.” Let the following resources and information explain this catchy label to you.

  • Successful EcoPreneurs look to establish businesses that help solve some of the most pressing issues impacting the environment. 
  • This is just one example of the different types of entrepreneurs who exist in business. 
  • Both Tesla and Lenovo are examples of corporations that promote this sustainability. 
  • If you need inspiration, check out Entrepreneur’s list of sustainable small business ideas. 

How Can I Start an EcoBusiness?

Now that you understand what makes an EcoPreneur different from other small business owners, let’s talk about ways to get your green business up and running.

  • You should always start with planning. Having a business plan will help keep you organized and can also help you secure funds for your startup. 
  • Think about ways your startup can solve pressing issues when writing your plan. 
  • Once you have a plan, you can set up an LLC for your business online. 
  • Depending on your business, you may want to look into green certification labels. 
  • Special funds may be available to help your eco-friendly business get started. 

How Do I Market a New Green Business? 

Marketing is critical for any new startup. This is what will connect you with those first customers and help grow your reputation as a leader in sustainability. These tips will help guide you. 

  • First of all, be aware of greenwashing. If you haven’t figured out sustainable practices for your new business, do not make this the focus of your branding and marketing efforts. 
  • You should create a strategic marketing plan to promote legitimate green practices.
  • Social media is going to be your safest bet for growing an audience for your business.  
  • Sustainability should also be highlighted on your website. Yes, you need a website. 

EcoPreneurship is such a responsible way to start a small business. Not only will you be empowering yourself with this new startup, but you will also be helping to resolve problems that are contributing to climate change and other environmental issues. In short, you will be helping to leave behind a better world for future generations. What a worthy pursuit! 

For more enlightening articles like this one, check in often with the Green Life Blue Water blog. 

Photo Credit: Pexels

Thanks so much, Mark, for sharing your wisdom.  Sound like good advice for all business, not just the sustainable ones, or perhaps it’s a way for all businesses to become sustainable!

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  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam and Mark – this article with its informative data should be really helpful to many who want to start helping the world and its peoples … though starting small is essential. Good to read about – all the best to everyone who sets out along these paths. Take care and all the best – Hilary

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