Divining 2021

Divining 2021

If prostitution is the oldest profession and priesthood the second, what is the third?  I’m going to guess divination.  

People are a lot like cats. We’re curious and we’ve just got to know:  what’s going on; what’s coming next, what’s around the bend, what’s the ending to the story; what, what, what?  We can’t help ourselves, and for that, there’s the age old ritual of prophesy — the ability to foresee the future.  For some it’s a parlor trick; for others, before any big life decisions can be made, they must consult the experts.  

No one can really see the future, especially someone else’s, but sometimes the longings of your Soul are hard to differentiate from all the ruckus around you, and while you can make an educated guess as to your own future, the ancient form of divination known as tarot might give you an assist in deciphering the signs.  

Famous people throughout history have consulted soothsayers, but few admit to it.  Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana and Megan Markle, King Henry II and anyone who ever sought out Nostradamus or Sir Isaac Newton for their insight.  

Even the Washington Post reported an uptick in the general populace seeking out psychics in order to get a handle on what’s coming in 2021, probably due to the overall general suckiness of 2020. 

Admittedly, I am a tarot neophyte despite my more than 25-year dalliance with the cards, but I have always been fascinated by it.  Once a year, somewhere between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, my friend Bob returns from his home in California to visit family still living in Pennsylvania.  The trip includes a couple-day layover at my house, a tradition as much a part of the holiday for me as putting up the Christmas tree, and for a couple days we gab, eat, catch up, make general merriment, and do our cards.  The custom started when Bob and I lived on the same block in South Philadelphia a thousand moons ago and has continued pretty consistently since then although we missed this year because of Covid.


I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and to indulge me, my mother bought me a book called The ESP Reader when I was about 10 or 11.  I still have the book.  It’s still in print and a new copy sells on Amazon for $768.57!

Maybe that same Christmas, my mother bought my sister and I an Ouija board not really understanding what its purpose was until after The Exorcist released and then she made us throw it out.  We Catholics take things such as possession by the devil seriously and she didn’t want to take any chances even if the general consensus was that it was simply a silly game.  Frankly, my sis and I only used it a couple times because it creeped us out so much.  We probably intuited even as kids that there are some things in life you just shouldn’t mess with.

But the cards, oh the cards — now these are fun.  I’ve had a couple different decks, some more scary than others, but my favorite is the Thoth deck, brainchild of renowned psychic and crackpot, Aleister Crowley, and beautifully illustrated by Lady Freida Harris.  The cards took five years to create and both Crowley and Harris died before they were published in 1969.  When combined with The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien the deck becomes accessible to everyone, not just people who have studied tarot, offering a window into your deepest desires, the ones you sometimes can’t hear amidst the cacophony of the outside world — a GPS for the Soul.

Since Bob and I missed our usual 10-card life review this year, I did a quick three-card spread for this blog post to represent past, present, future. 


Here’s what I got:

Past:  Ten of swords represents mental despair, helplessness, and hopelessness about an emotional relationship or finances. Well, that’s spot on, and sounds pretty much like most of 2020 for many people, not just me.  Thank goodness that state of mind is on its way out! 

Present:  Queen of Swords represents intellectual thinking and a desire to cut away all false masks and superficiality to figure out who the true me really is.  Perfect — a great card to have in my present space as I’ve been diligently cutting away all that no longer suits me for some months now, including giving away all that I no longer find useful so it can find a better home somewhere else.

Future:  Princess of Swords represents the mood-fighter, as in practical, common-sense thinking to dispel moods that cloud mental clarity.  What a welcome tool for figuring out exactly what my future should look like without the fugue that surrounded 2020.

Crazy?  Maybe.  Or perhaps another tool in my proverbial toolbox to figure out what life is asking of me and to give me a glimpse into what my Soul needs to flourish.  If so, I’m game.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, come round again after 2,150 years, so it’s time for us all to bring our A game because this next period is about building the foundation and connecting — to one another and the planet for starters.  

A most divine 2021 to you all.  May you find and use the tools that suit your journey.

I will leave you with one of my fav songs from my childhood.  I distinctly remember my sister and I dancing around the living room to this one.  Time to let that sun shine in.

pam lazos 1.1.21

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36 Responses to Divining 2021

  1. I say anything that works to move each of us happily forward on our journey. Here’s to a good 2021 for all of us.

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  2. Linda Schaub says:

    I remember the Ouija Board from when I was a kid … my mother wouldn’t buy it, didn’t want to have it in the house, so I played at a friend’s house and like you, we were creeped out and she put it away, never to be seen again. My neighbor worked in “The Boston Tea Room” a popular psychic tea room for many years. Marge was the only one there with no psychic powers, nor did she know how to read leaves, cards or palms. Marge was the hostess and carried tea and cheesecake or tea and a grilled cheese sandwich to your table after greeting you at the door. She befriended the readers, some did a word I cannot remember, where they touch you and feel vibes … thought it was hyperkinesis, but that’s not it. Her granddaughter *became* a psychic to work her way through college, then the Tea Room closed and she completed her media relations degree, could not find a job and is a freelance psychic and doing well at it, especially this year. Your card reading was interesting Pam. Your choice of music too – I remember that song well. Happy New Year!

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      That’s a piece of history right there, Linda. The tea room! I could write a whole screenplay around that concept!😂🥰

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        Yes indeed! My grandmother and mother went many many years ago to the Daffodil Tea Room in Toronto. They walked in the door to pay their reading fee, but it was not separate tables – people sat in a large group. But as they walked in the door, they were asked by the hostess put a personal object in a basket. My grandmother had a watch, my mother an earring. The reader stood before the crowd and anonymously told about the owner and their fortune. That’s how the reading was done. My mother was told she would marry a fair-haired man from across water. A few weeks later, she was sitting on my grandmother’s porch (my mom still lived at home) and my father walked up the sidewalk to the porch and asked for directions. His hair was a dirty blond and he has just moved to Toronto from Germany. They dated for three years and married in 1953. I don’t know what he told my grandmother – I never heard that part of the story.

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      • Pam Lazos says:

        Holy crap! That’s a great story, Linda. Wish they had tea rooms like that now. It would be so fun to go.
        Also, do you ever forget ANYTHING?!?!😂😂😂

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        Yes, it was told a lot when I was growing up.
        Ha ha Pam – I’ve got a good memory, but likely for the wrong things. I go downstairs for something – what was it? I dunno, have to return upstairs to trigger that reason. 🙂

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      • Pam Lazos says:

        Haha – same!!

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  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Pam – gosh I’m down to earth as my star sign … tarot readings never caught me … need for or imagination … occasional visits to a psychic reader at a fete … but I guess curiosity would get the better of me if we ever got together. Sad about missing out on your meet up with Bob this year – yet it’s given us this post – divining 2021 … I’d like to have hope … even with my positive take on life that’d be challenging … we shall see! Take care and enjoy life – that’s the main thing … all the best – Hilary

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  4. lampmagician says:

    Wow! again? 😉 You know, I’ve found out how our ways cross each other: the Paranormal, Tarot Cards, and the music (have you seen Hair the Musical?) that is a great post, my dear Pam. I wish you and yours, a lot of peace and light in this new year and we will let the GPS of Soul always active. 🤗🥰💖🌹😘😘

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  5. Tory says:

    Pam, I always enjoy your blog and miss you all! I lost both parents this year my father in Sept and mother to covid in November. Our house is still the loud house and I enjoy that book often. Wish you all a wonderful new year and hope we can visit soon! What a strange year it has been 🙀

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      Tory, I’m so sorry to hear that. You must be devastated. I was just thinking about you guys the other day and wondering how everyone was faring. I would never have imagined it could be that bad. Let’s talk live (even if we can’t in person) if you’re up for it. My heart goes out to you, Matt and the boys. ❤️❤️❤️


  6. My lovely friend.this is fascinating as is the paranormal. At one point I ‘ghosted’ the newspaper column of a psychic. I’ve used tarot and playing cards re readings….. Now, the things we didn’t know about each other x

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  7. Great version of a song from Hair! I miss the hippie era. It had good vibes. And a freak named Trump wasn’t in power. Happy New Year, Pam. All the best.

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  8. Enjoyed your post, Pam! The ten of swords card of oppression is a perfect description of what I have also endured for the past four years. As kids, we also played with a Ouija board, but soon lost interest. I’ve never studied the tarot. During an especially difficult year in Brazil, a female work colleague presented me with a birthday gift voucher for a tarot reading. I was skeptical about tarot readings but figured I had nothing to lose. Let’s just say it was a revelatory experience.
    A most divine 2021 to you, too ❤

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      You can go as deep as you want with it, Rosaliene. I, too, love a revelation; it’s how we grow and evolve. And yes, so happy to leave that ten of swords behind!!😂🥳 A very happy New Year to you. May we find the stream of gratitude to ferry us out of the maelstrom. 💗💕

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  9. Patti cakes says:

    The next time I visit, can we get those cards out. Would be fun. Happy New year!

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  10. That Crowley deck has been great! It’s so beautiful! I don’t have it anymore because I have so many others, and I’ve given many away. I just got a new one for Christmas from my husband! You can get your inspiration and divination from anywhere! When I was a child, my close friends and I used the ouija board during parties and while at their houses just hanging out. There were many peculiar instances that had no logical explanation. Also, there was a period when I was spooked out to be alone even in the mornings before school in middle school because of using one (I didn’t think I was alone but wrote it off then to just being fear, but knowing what I know now, I think it was presence of unwanted energies). It’s important to take this stuff seriously, and have the right protections regardless of what one thinks their beliefs are. I’m not saying governing through fear, but as with anything else you educate yourself as much as possible if you are opening yourself to connections with the “other side.” Recommend Ted Andrews Psychic Protection book. Your cards seems perfectly accurate for you! You would know! 😃 Have you ever worked with bibliomancy? That’s when you open up a random book page after intended your specific question. It could be the Bible, for instance. I believe it’s the reticular activating system of the brain that makes connections and sees these patterns. I agree these activities are ages old.

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      I have done the book thing, Ka, yes, and while I don’t have that Ted Andrew’s book I do have the one called “Animal Speak” which is just lovely. I like to read things and work with things that encourage a different way to look at life. There’s something to learn around every corner, eh? One of these days I’d like to draw my own tarot cards! Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈 to you with wishes for a more balanced and peaceful year.💗

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  11. Susan Scott says:

    Fabulous 3 card spread Pam! I agree, time to up the A Game. May 2021 be a fulfilling, fruitful and creative year for you, and good health and prosperity to you and your family. May we do away with masks, ie the ones that hide our true selves and let the sunshine in💥💕

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