A Message from the Future


Thanks to Rosaliene Bacchus for her wonderful post at Three Worlds One Vision showcasing this beautiful and hopeful video.  If we all hold the vision, the years of repair can become a reality.

“No one is sacrificed.  Everyone is essential.”

Today is 11.20.20, and if you live in the Central Pennsylvania, it’s the day of the ExtraGive, a day to donate to your favorite charities, to give back to the community that in so many ways gives to you.

A few of my favorites are the Lancaster County Conservancy for all their work saving woods and water; Off the Streets run by the enthusiastic and indefatigable Deacon Oles and a small, but committed staff of volunteers who work tirelessly to get the homeless off the streets and into affordable housing one family at a time; and my beloved Jr. League of Lancaster with their myriad projects, especially those undertaken by their Girls in STEM committee.

Thanks for reading.

pam lazos 11.20.20

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21 Responses to A Message from the Future

  1. Thanks for spreading the light of hope, Pam! Hope the eggnog hangover doesn’t hold over you too much today. xxxxxxx

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  2. “Built up our herd immunity against disinformation!!” Love that.

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  3. Oh, Pam this video was terrific! Yes, hope for a brighter future where we work together on this planet, and all beings matter.

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  4. Susan Scott says:

    Lovely little video – hopeful. I can only hope that it is not misplaced. If only we realised how essential Nature is, and that it is imperative we plant, plant, and plant more seeds, trees, farms – ‘we gotta get outta this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do’ popped into my head … Rolling Stones I think. Thanks Pam, have a lovely weekend, keep well, stay safe xx

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    • Pam Lazos says:

      Actually, it was “The Animals” but I had to look it up, Susan. 😆 Moving forward it will be time for only the essentials and nature is top of the list. 🙌👏Lovely weekend to you, too, my dear. 😘

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  5. lampmagician says:

    Heart-warming, and I see hope. 🤗 Thank you, dear friend🙏💖

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  6. These are lovely words about esential xxxxx

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  7. Thanks for sharing with your readers, Pam 🙂

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  8. Thank you for the link to that video. Hope was what I needed this morning.

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