Rest and Reflection


Rest and Reflection

It’s the winter solstice when the sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation, the first day  of winter sky here in the northern hemisphere, giving us the shortest amount of daylight and longest night of the year.  I love this day.  It means that from here on into summer, my side of the world gets 55 seconds more light each day.  It also means that the time for reflection is here:  the temperature outside is low, the warmth from the fireplace is robust, and I have a whole year to unpack in my mind about what went right, what went not so right, and what I can do to make the next year better.

Tonight, my husband and I are getting together with friends for dinner and afterward, we’ll write down all of our intentions, the things we want to release, the ones we want to keep, our vision for the next year, and throw it all into the fire.  By releasing it, we let the universe sort it all out with us.  Cleansing and rebirth at once — how freeing!

It’s the start of the season of rituals.  Whatever yours, I hope you find time for rest and reflection today and in the months that follow.  Who said winter couldn’t be fun?

pam lazos 12.21.19

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18 Responses to Rest and Reflection

  1. What a lovely tradition, Pam! This is the sort of tradition we could all use to unburden our hearts. 🙂 xxxxxx

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  2. Susan Scott says:

    Lovely post Pam thank you. Attention on Intentions- have fun celebrating the turn towards more light 😀❤️

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  3. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Happy Holidays!

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  4. Ken Dowell says:

    Happy Holidays Pam.

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  5. lindasschaub says:

    I know we will now creep toward Summer (yay) and I’d never heard about 55 seconds more light to our day every day – I love it! That is cause for jubilation as we are immersed in the dark and dreary days of Winter (though we’ve got some nice days in store until year end). I like your tradition/ritual and I hope more things went/will go right, than not so right, in 2019 and beyond for you Pam.

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  6. Pam, all the best to you and yours.

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  7. I hope your dinner was the best and next year will be a good year for you sister xxxxxxx And that is my intention to wish those I have come to know on here that xxx

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  8. That’s a wonderful tradition Pam. A great way to let go of the soon to be past and refresh for the new year. Have a beautiful Christmas, and I hope all your dreams come true. xoxo

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