Off to Ireland for two weeks with my friend, Barbara, formerly of the Emerald Isle, but now a longtime American citizen. Never underestimate the luxury and grandeur of touring a place with a native.  

I’m so totally stoked for this trip – to use 80’s terminology – and will do my best to post a few things from the road, assuming wifi availability, and maybe spread some fairy magic as well.

In the interim, good luck with the health care debacle, I mean, debate.  πŸ€ 😘

p.j.lazos 7.14.17

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23 Responses to Roadtrippin’

  1. Yea for road trips! Searching through my memory for 80s terminology. I’ve got tubular, bogus, and bodacious, all echoing in my head in the voice of Keanu Reeves circa Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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  2. You take off, leaving us to disentangle ourselves from the “health” care debacle. *wipes mud from tires off face* You’d better come back bright-eyed, bushy-tailed to join the grappling. It will still be in full swing…and through your next getaway, and the one after…

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    One of my favorite sayings ever! Happy trails. Have a great trip.

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  4. hilarymb says:

    Hi PJ – have a wonderful time … it’ll be fun being with a native … it’s a wonderful place to visit … Emerald it is .. cheers Hilary

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  5. Ken Dowell says:

    Have a great trip. And if you do have wifi you’ll probably be happiest if you steer clear of news from home.

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  6. Enjoy my darling. I am pretty certain you will xxx

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  7. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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