Donald Trump Is Making Me Fat

I wrote this post back in November and lo’ and behold, on Wednesday of this week, NPR did a segment about people complaining that the state of American politics was making them gain weight, what they are colloquially calling, The Trump 10. So I thought I’d repost rather than let NPR have all the fun! Now get to the gym!

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Donald Trump Is Making Me Fat

Like most humans, I am a creature of habit. I get up, go to the gym, go to work, come home, eat dinner with the family, walk the dog, write, stay up way too late, go to bed and do it again. Even my gym time is riddled with routine. I mix it up between three or four different workouts β€” RPM (spin), the circuit room (the elliptical machine), yoga or bodyflow (does that count as one or two?), a nice long swim. Pretty boring, I know. I used to do things like Body Attack and Body Combat, but the older I get the less interested I am in adversity training, you know, punching, kicking, going in for the kill. I’ll take a mile in the pool with my own thoughts over combat any day.

You get to know the people around you at…

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27 Responses to Donald Trump Is Making Me Fat

  1. He shall neither make me fat nor Republican… But he SHALL make me vote, sign petitions, take long walks carrying signs…


  2. Aquileana says:

    An excellent post…. A hopeful- and welcomed- conclusion which makes us ponder thngs… Dialogue is certainly a weapon against Demagogy. But also critical thinking is necessary.- Again: Education is a key… (If only University education was free in the States, many things would fopr good change there, atlthough Trump is such an histrionic and phenomenal character, I doubt he would have lost, anyway: Celebrity Culture & money are so powerful everywhere)
    Sending love & best wishes! ⭐

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    • pjlazos says:

      Agree on all fronts, especially the education. Sometimes I feel as though the ruling elite want a country of idiots because they are easier to control. 😩
      ❀️back at you, Amalia.

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  3. Politics are shit the world over right now, sister. I have come to the conclusion we should just inhabit our own wee bit and guard it.. xxxx…..

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  4. I loves that post! I agree – never underestimate the power of metta, intention and a united group of people. Ditch the bitching – it just produces more stuff to moan about. Take the positive tack, there is always another route.

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  5. Trump isn’t making me fat. He is, however,
    making me sick.

    PJ, your article from November is a good one. Very sensible advice.

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