It’s time for an interview with my friend, Ann Crawford, author of her newly released book SPELLWEAVER, now available on Amazon.


Synopsis for SPELLWEAVER

Even in the darkest of times, a bright light can illuminate what’s real and awaken the hearts of those still sleeping. This is the story of Catriona, a woman of mastery in an age ravaged by fear.  During the Burning Times, the spellweavers – those who knew the mysteries of the healing arts – were killed by confused people who mistrusted, because they didn’t understand, our true nature. Inevitably, though, this false power dies while genuine power lives on.  Travel on a magical, mystical journey with this amazing spellweaver…who lived the radiance of life that many only dream of. We all have the potential for living such a life, yet so few dare.

Now is the time.


This is Crawford’s fourth book.  She’s also written Mary’s Message:  The Story of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Ben Josef, (reviewed on the “reading” page of this blog) which offers an alternative explanation to what the life of Mary Magdalene was like — not the woman of ill-repute as she’s been portrayed in the Bible, but something the world has yet to understand —  and explores the metaphysical ideas of positivity, being present and working in the Light, always a theme in Crawford’s work.



BUT WHY should I tell you about her when she can tell you about herself.

Here’s Ann:

I am an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the author of four books, all on Amazon. I’ve lived in every continental time zone — from the oceans white with foam to the prairie to the mountains! Right now I live with my husband in Colorado with my two adult step-children nearby. I’ve traveled the world extensively (65 countries and all 50 states), including two complete circumnavigations of the globe. Our show tune-belting parrot (who would’ve taught him those?!) keeps us smiling. For more info please visit www.anncrawford.net.

So while we had the time, I got Ann to answer a few questions about writing and life.  Here’s what she had to say:

Writing background:

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, but really writing—as in books—since my mid-twenties, so that’s been 30 years. My mother was very sick and wanted to be writer; soon after she died I went off to college, and in my grief I tried to shut that part of me down. I ended up studying business, trying to go in another direction. But writing patiently waited until I could return to it.

I wrote my first book, VISIONING, in twelve days (!). I wrote my book about Mary Magdalene pretty much over a summer, and my third book took a year of Sundays (literally — I was editing a magazine from Monday to Thursday, took two days off, and wrote on Sundays.) Spellweaver has taken about 10 years. It has been so hard to write because I remember those days, those mountains, those people like it was yesterday. I even tried to not write it but it wouldn’t leave me alone.  The characters spoke to me in the night, demanding (lovingly, but still demanding) to have their story written. Finally I wrote the really challenging part, to get it over with, and I chunked it down and wrote for about an hour each morning until it was done.

Where I write:

I’ve lived in so many different places and usually had an office to myself to write in. The walls would be covered with fabrics and artwork and statues of Tara and Kuan Yin sitting on the shelves. I had the Rocky Mountains and herds of elk outside one office; the Pacific Ocean was outside another. For the time being, my husband and I have downsized to a small townhouse, and we made a cozy book nook in a corner upstairs. A sofa faces out the window, which overlooks a park with a sweet grove of trees that looks like Arthur and Guinevere were just there. From what feels like a nest in the trees, it’s fun watching the seasons change in front of me. This one is actually my favorite writing place.

What would I tell the world? That each person is so much more magnificent and powerful than s/he probably realizes. Oh, what would I tell the world about me? That I truly love you.

Book ideas just come to me and don’t leave me alone until I write them down. The characters knock on my door, visit me in the shower, sit with me in the car as I’m driving, wake me up in the middle of the night because they want to talk, and basically hang out until their story is in print.
I just start where the book wants me to start it and fill in the story – forward, backward, beginning, end – as it comes.

My perfect day is waking up at a natural pace (which I get to do most days), eat a leisurely breakfast with my amazing husband and – after he leaves the kitchen (because we have a no-phone agreement when we’re together at meals, whether home or out – turn to my phone, where I read the New York Times app and hang out with some Facebook buddies. Then I write, then have lunch with my amazing husband, then work out, then do volunteer work. Then have dinner with my (you know what I’m going to say now) husband. Then read or watch a movie or go to a show. Most of that is how my days are now. 😊

In response to my question about a favorite childhood memory:

I don’t have just one favorite memory that stands out from my childhood……one of my favorite things about my life is being part of a large family—I’m the youngest of five kids. I have many warm, fuzzy memories of Christmases, birthdays, and summer vacations where we’d all get together and laugh and laugh and laugh—this despite the illness and alcoholism and other sadness that pervaded those years. Perhaps even more because of all that, we could laugh with the best of them.

In response to my question about whether writing can save the world:

I think all of the arts can save the world—writing, singing, gardening, filmmaking, acting, creating in general. Being a parent or a civil engineer or mechanic or masseuse or whatever calls to us can be an artform. I think we’re happiest when we’re creating and doing what we love, doing our passion, fulfilling our purpose. When we’re happy and fulfilled, we’re of greater service to all. What a wonderful world we’d have if we all could serve from our happy, fulfilled overflow!

Amen to that! Thanks for the interview, Ann, and good luck with your book.

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  2. Well, I kept this bookmarked so I could get the proper time to read it and it is a wonderful interview. I especially like the idea of the Mary Magdalene book and the very different slant, so much so I am putting it on my TBR pile, so thank you xxxx

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