A New Jacket


A New Jacket

If you’ve tuned into this blog before, you know that I have a group of friends from college — the Whales — so dubbed because of a beach house we rented for several summers running (see back story somewhere on this blog), and that as a group we like to do outdoorsy things like hike and kayak and camp and what not. Over the years our group has grown to include friends of friends, and because of our cohesiveness and delight in hanging out with each other, our children have grown up together, too. I refer to the kids as Whales-in-Training and it’s wondrous to watch them expand and change and follow their individual bliss. I especially love it when their bliss syncs with my own. So let me introduce one exuberant high schooler who thinks in terms of centuries, not seconds, who plays the trombone in the high school marching band because its challenging and they said a girl couldn’t do it, who runs track, who bakes like a banshee, and who is on the self-awareness fast track, traveling through life with all the wonder of a child while possessing the maturity of adults twice her age. Oh, did I mention she cares about the environment? (contented sigh)  Read more here…

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