Cowa — The Journey Continues


The Journey Continues

There are many kinds of people in the world, doers and dreamers, concrete and abstract thinkers, queen bees and worker bees, some that see the world as a challenge, a mountain to be scaled and conquered, others who view the hike up on a meandering, little-used trail as an adventure of self and world discovery, where the surprises at every turn are perhaps tempered by more than a few dead ends, none of which dampen their enthusiasm. I fall into the latter category, a seeker with a driving curiosity about life that ensures I’ll never retire simply because the world holds too many conundrums, puzzles, and unanswered questions. For me, the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge outweighs many of the material rewards life has to offer. That doesn’t mean we seekers don’t enjoy creature comforts and nice vacations, but money in itself is never the end game.

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