The Boys on the Beach


No one wants to say goodbye to the summer, but now that the unofficial end, Labor Day, has passed, it’s time.  Here’s one last look back…

The Boys on the Beach

On a recent beach vacation to Ocracoke with our dear friends, Bob and Meredith we had a houseful of six girls and one boy (my son couldn’t get a buddy to do go with him this year) and we were ready for relaxation and fun in the sun. Enter a group of boys, roughly the same age as our girls who were also on the same adventure. The purported leader of the group, we’ll call him A, a gregarious and effervescent 18-year old, introduced himself to me by coming up for air a few inches from my face following a large wave.

“Now that I’ve invaded your space, let me introduce myself,” A said.

Introductions were made and the next thing we know the group of boys had glommed onto our group of girls.  Ride the wave here…

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