Circle Game


[Kayak on Canal, Ocracoke Island — photo by Ian Eberly]

Circle Game

It’s hard to believe last month we had our son’s graduation party and this weekend we’ll be taking him to college. At 6’3” he looks more like he should be graduating from college instead of starting out, and now that we’re down to the wire — painting, packing, switching bedrooms for the one kid left at home, getting ready for our Spanish exchange kid who arrives tomorrow, getting the oldest ready for her last year of college — I’m lamenting all the busyness of preparing that has kept me from enjoying those last bits of being together with my kids.  Move on here…

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6 Responses to Circle Game

  1. Ken Dowell says:

    Relax. The kids will appreciate it.


  2. Also, I love that song!


  3. This resonated with me because my daughter is turning 17 tomorrow so I’ve been thinking about some of the same issues. She has already started her senior year of high school, because the school year starts so early out here. High school has been a little bumpy for her, but she’s planning on going straight to college. Facebook dredged up some old memories today. In 2009, the first year I was on Facebook, I posted about how “10 years ago” my water broke and then I didn’t go into labor on my own and had to be induced. That was when she was 10. And the whole thing seems very recent!


    • pjlazos says:

      I know, Karen, it’s amazing how quickly the decade goes when any individual day can sometimes seem like a lifetime. The kids growing up thing is very surreal, esp. when you look at the pictures from their younger years and think, “when did all this happen?” I know I will eventually come to terms with it all, but it certainly is bittersweet.

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