As humans, the majority of us are predisposed to think visually which is probably why we love movies so much. Movies are like my lifeblood. Not a week goes by where I don’t watch something either at home or at the theatre. I love the combination of visual arts and literature that this medium allows and every time I write a work of fiction it starts as a scene in my head. Time then to start a page for movie reviews. I’m calling it CinePhilly, a small play on the word cinephile, meaning a movie lover, combined with the abbreviation for Philadelphia, my mother’s place of birth, the place I’ve worked for the last 33 years, and my adopted hometown. Movies are harder to review, I think, than books because you don’t have the whole period of reading time to formulate a review in your head. Instead you have about two hours. The pace is quick, it moves on a 3-act structure, and it’s all over before you’ve had time to think about anything. And most importantly, you don’t want to give anything away. So hopefully, I can keep this thing going.

On to the review:



Maybe it was the fact that my husband and I hadn’t had a date night in a while, or maybe it was the Ellen’s Coffee Stout we had before the movie, imported from Maine, as in my brother-in-law and his brother drove all the way up to Bar Harbor from Central PA for the weekend just so they could fill the car with microbrews from Atlantic Brewing Company, going so far as to remove one of the bucket seats to make room in the van for more beer, and then dropping a 4-pack on our doorstep when they got back — thanks, Wade! — but for whatever reason, I thought Keanu, the first feature length film by the comedy duo Keagan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele was hilarious.

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