The Sky is Crying


The Sky is Crying

Today is the first day in almost a week without rain here in Central PA and it looks like we might finally be done with the grey and wet and sad that’s hovered above our little part of the world longer than it should have.IMG_1895

Even without the rain it’s still grey and cloudy and all fungi-like, an entire county doing its best Pacific Northwest impersonation. Undines, the water keepers of the planet in alchemical lore abound and I wonder where they will go once the sun’s rays have ingress through the cloud cover once again.  Should I be sad or are they happy for the break?


This will be the second mother’s day without my mom and the balance that should have returned by now still seems to elude me. Today I felt as heavy as the cloud cover with no definable compartment within which to place it.  Free-floating angst, perhaps?


I take solace in the fact that I may not be the only one out of balance. Apparently, the planet is as well.  Maybe my mood is just a show of solidarity for the Mother of Us All. What does one do when one is out of balance. Well, rest, something I have trouble putting into practice.  And maybe listen to the blues.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  #missyou

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2 Responses to The Sky is Crying

  1. What a wonderful moving post and the pictures complement the mood so perfectly.


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