Day 22 of the #AtoZChallenge

Volunteerism — “Vision Over Visibility”

What does volunteerism mean to you?  To the women of the Jr. League of Lancaster (JLL) it means commitment to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The purpose of the JLL is exclusively educational and charitable.

The women of the JLL are women who lunch, who have kids, who have jobs, husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends, or who are single, who write, or act, or play, who have cancer or eating disorders, whose husbands are sick and they carry the load, whose children get sick, sometimes so sick that they die but who keep going because they know no other way, who have hopes and dreams that they often put to the side to help others with there’s.  They are women who show up and put a smile on their face with or without their makeup.  Women who do their very best working for some group, some cause, for someone whose need is greater, someone other than themselves, and despite their own lives and schedules and maybe even insurmountable obstacles, they keep showing up.

I am proud to call these wonderful women of the JLL my friends, colleagues and co-conspirators in change, trying to inch the world along in the hopes that we will leave it in a bit of a better condition than where we found it.

So find yourself a group — or maybe come join ours — and keep showing up. It’s amazing what a small group of committed people can do when we work together.

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8 Responses to Volunteerism

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  2. Scott says:

    That was so up lifting and inspiring. Because I know how you work
    How much you give to others to the point that there’s not much
    time for you. You keep getting up and doing more.
    It’s not just volunteering, its the determination to getting it done.

    Love you for all you do😘


  3. Sounds like a wonderful thing to be involved with for volunteering! I haven’t volunteered for anything in about a year’ long story; but finally at a place where I think I am ready to jump back in and help out others 🙂

    good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    we are almost there!



    • pjlazos says:

      It really does benefit both parties. There are times when it’s too hard, where the travails of your daily life or the extraordinary events preclude you from doing it, but normally, I find that volunteering gives me an energetic boost which is what it’s all about, really, a win-win for everyone. Thanks, Betty, and good luck with the rest of the challenge!


  4. GMB says:

    For me it’s my community garden, complete with chickens. There’s no glamour in cleaning up chicken poop. In the winter it’s a bear to get up and out to take care of them. But all of us do it. Finding a bunch of strangers who are willing to work together to maintain a little green space in Brooklyn has been magical.


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