Hands That Help


Day 8 of the #AtoZChallenge

Hands That Help

Holy Crap, it’s only day 8 of the AtoZChallenge! Getting a bit tired, but I’m not giving up and neither should we, despite the hellish state of American politics. There are so many words that start with H that I could wax prophetically on for paragraphs: hell; happiness; hinderances; hyrdrofracking, but I want to talk briefly about the political landscape in the U.S. as a microcosm of the world in general where we, as a society, are standing on the precipice of so many challenges — economic, moral, spiritual, apocalyptic — and never have we had this many stressors on the planet at once.

It’s snowing here today in Central Pennsylvania where my daffodils and hyacinths were already in bloom, where it was 65 degrees last week, and 70 degrees and balmy last Christmas morning. That juxtaposition alone should lead to people everywhere saying, “holy crap,” …

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2 Responses to Hands That Help

  1. GMB says:

    You know I agree. The obsession with growth by the Wall Street and other financial monsters is unsustainable. You cannot grow the economy by x% forever. We need to reel in the greedheads and make decisions, collectively, that embrace sustainability as the focus for the next age.


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