Day Five — Energy, Economics and Environmentalism


Energy, Economics and Environmentalism

How can we care for the Earth if we can’t care four ourselves? The energy and enthusiasm we bring to environmentalism is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our bodies become a toxic waste dump when we eat nothing but processed or pesticide-laden foods, when we over-medicate, when we choose inertia over exercise. Similarly, contamination isn’t limited to our bodies, but also our thoughts. Fear, jealousy, anger, etc., all have deleterious effects on the body.

In the U.S. our energy policy is predicated on the destruction of the earth — ditching, drilling, dredging, and the like — and the pillaging of Her natural resources, while the consumption of energy is simply a gluttonous affair, note as one example, the heating and cooling of the uber-sized McMansions that are rarely occupied for more than a few hours a day. In Europe, sustainability matters. In the U.S., it’s size. Perhaps it’s the incredible amount of wide open spaces we once had at our disposal, spaces that are rapidly dwindling.   Read more here…

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2 Responses to Day Five — Energy, Economics and Environmentalism

  1. Good point on the heating and cooling of empty houses. It’s hard to watch fields and forests disappear from the community, but I know the house I live in was once part of a forest, so I’m guilty as well. Sigh.


    • pjlazos says:

      It’s hard to know what to do as the consumer. When my husband and I were looking for all house, all that was available were development homes until we got lucky and found a funky, “Falling Water-esque” kind of house. It’s difficult if the choice isn’t there, however. Thanks for stopping by!


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