Thirteen Ways of Looking at Words


Thirteen Ways of Looking at Words

by Arianna Rich


They’re sweet like
hiding in the bushes.

They’re the words
of mourning, when you get
a midnight phone call: “There was a crash … ”

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4 Responses to Thirteen Ways of Looking at Words

  1. Do you know or are you related to the author? I love the daffodil picture too!


    • pjlazos says:

      The author is my 15-year old daughter and she actually wrote the poem back in middle school. I recently moved my office and in taking things down from the walls — one of which was the poem — I decided to repost because I love the poem so much and because I want to encourage her. She took the daffodil picture the other day. Thanks, I will pass on your note!

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  2. Randy Myer says:





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