Alex Moves to a New House

Post No. 2 in a series of three posts with three children’s authors dishing on the art and craft of writing for kids.


Alex Moves to a New House

Justine Bugaj, co-owner of bookscover2cover with a newly launched PR and marketing business has recently published her first children’s book, Alex Moves to a New House, a delightful tale of overcoming fear and embracing change. Psychologists tell us that moving to a new house is one of the top ranking stressors, right up the with death and divorce, so if it’s tough for an adult, imagine what it’s like for a kid? How do children deal with the emotional fallout of moving? Justine’s protagonist does just fine, not only acclimating, but excelling by making new friend the day after they arrive with the garden-growing neighbor next door. This leads to a new life skill as Alex learns all about growing vegetables and plants. The book ends with an entire page dedicated to pictures of plants and vegetables, lending support for kids to identify real world foods. Alex Moves to a New House is endearing and heartfelt, great for young readers and curious thinkers, and a lovely addition to any children’s book collection.

Read the interview with Justine here…

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2 Responses to Alex Moves to a New House

  1. Jeannie Glos says:

    Enjoyed Alax moves to a new house. Hope to read more about Alex’s Adventure . It brings back a lot of memories as a child. Great book for Children


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