[photo of my back deck – Snowmageddon 2016]


      We’re about halfway through the biggest storm the East Coast has seen since 1996 — Snowmageddon 2016 — nature at her finest and fiercest, and beautiful if you, like me, are tucked in at home for the weekend, alternating between cups of coffee and rounds with the snow shovel. The snow is deep deep deep, so much so that even the dog wants no part of it. I think it’s Momma Nature’s way of telling us all to take a deep breath and go make some soup. There’ll be time for all the crazy we call our lives later. For now, relax. Your car isn’t getting out of the driveway today anyway, and for God’s sake, stay off the turnpike.

In celebration of the snow, here’s a review of one of my favorite books on winter, appropriately titled: Winter.

Read the review here…

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4 Responses to Winter

  1. Scott Eberly says:

    Stay cozy warm


  2. Bill Smith says:

    Terrific review of Winter by Rick Bass. I read this years ago when I was visiting Montana with my father. My dad grew up in Kalispell and, while not as isolated as the Yaak Valley, it’s still pretty damn cold in the winter. Kind of like the storm we’re having now, except this happens every week. Keep warm, and keep writing.


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