From the Darkness Comes the Light


[photo courtesy of Lucille Famulary]

From the Darkness Comes the Light

The winter solstice, that time when the earth is plunged into darkness and its inhabitants pray for the return of the light.  The internet is awash in backstories: the Bible (at least 13 verses); Gaming (World of Warcraft); self-help books; transformational coaching blogs; memoirs; music (“Jerusalem” by Matisyahu); and the Mayans (astronomy), the last of which is my personal fav because the Mayans studiously charted the courses of the stars and gave us the enigmatic, mathematically precise Mayan calendar.  Thereafter, they drew the equally profound, yet obvious conclusion that from the darkness comes the light because, well, sunrise and all. So to all these adaptations, let me add my own version of this oft used profundity. From the darkness comes “The Quality of Light.”

To read an excerpt from The Quality of Light, go here…

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