Preparations are Underway


This post originally appeared in the wH2o Journal, the Journal of Gender and Water

Preparations Are Underway

     I met with Matt Lisle and Adrian Leviano, The Seed Guys, at their office in Vance Hall where the Wharton School’s graduate education program lives on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. Vance Hall is just off Benjamin Franklin’s Way, that divine stretch of walkway that spans 37th Street between Spruce and Walnut Streets whose brickwork contains many of Benjamin Franklin’s pithiest axioms. Franklin himself was an ever-daring, one-of-a-kind inventor and just walking down the path makes you feel more entrepreneurial. It was one of those late summer days where the weather is so hot and muggy you think maybe winter isn’t so bad after all, but weather wasn’t the only thing running hot. Matt and Adrian are scheduled to leave for Kenya at the end of September for a two-month stay as a set-up for the more extended trip next year, and the level of preparation needed to even consider getting on the plane has been enormous.

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