Shut Up and Listen


Shut Up and Listen

In February 2012, Forbes ran an article entitled, “Why Most Leaders Need to Shut Up and Listen.”  It goes on to say how a great leader is also a great communicator which means both talking and listening, that a great leader won’t try to dominate the floor, and that shouting down your audience to get your point across is no substitute for meaningful exchange.

And so I ask you, given the above, on the outside chance that The Donald gets the GOP nomination, is this the type of leader we want?


Just sayin’.

p.j.lazos 7.30.15

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8 Responses to Shut Up and Listen

  1. mistermuse says:

    Couldn’t agree more. You may be interested in my take on The Donald in an August 20 post titled GERTRUDE STEIN LOOKS FOR DONALD TRUMP at my blog:


  2. Those are some great (meaning, terrible) telling shots of Donald.


  3. Scott Eberly says:

    True that


  4. pjlazos says:

    Amen to that!!


  5. I walk my way to work and on my way there is a church. The message board changes regularly. It once said – Great leader should stop talking about big things and pay attention to small things that really matter.

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