The Little Free Library


The Little Free Library

On a recent trip to Lake Norman, North Carolina, we took a day trip down to NoDa, a popular arts district in Charlotte, North Carolina. On our way to Cabo Fish Taco (best. fish. tacos. ever.), we walked by a house that had a little box on the front lawn. And inside the little box there were books, easily a dozen and a half, of all types, genres, and sizes. At the top of the box were the words: Little Free Library. At the time, I thought it was just a great idea of some local homeowner, putting a bunch of books in a box for people to borrow and exchange. It wasn’t until I was driving around in my own little town that I saw a second box of books with a Little Free Library sign and I realized that this little free library thing was really a thing.

Reading is fundamental so keep going here…

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5 Responses to The Little Free Library

  1. Matthew says:

    awesome! You can check out my little free library, in the UK, here:


    • pjlazos says:

      Thanks, Matthew. What a great space you have! About a month ago, my daughter, and a friend of mine along with her daughter, went to all the Free Little Libraries in Lancaster and placed a copy of my book, “Six Sisters” in each. There were only six, coincidentally, so it didn’t break my personal piggybank, and it was tons of fun. I’d love to donate a copy to your little free library as a way to spread intercontinental free library love. If you’re interested, email me at with an address. I’ll pop a book in the mail to you asap! Yours in literacy, pjl

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  2. GMB says:

    So…going to put one up soon?


    • pjlazos says:

      I would LOVE to, but we don’t get any foot traffic where we live. Perhaps I should do it anyway and tell friends who come for dinner that they have to bring a book and take a book or they don’t eat!


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