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Born to Run

Well I got this guitar and I learned how to make it talk.Bruce Springsteen, Thunder Road We all have stories to tell. Some may seem more important, depending on the teller and the telling, more alluring, more entertaining, more profound, … Continue reading

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The Downstairs Girl

by Corinna Wang Speaking of environmental and social justice issues — there’s a lot going on, and while we are busy dealing with the hustle and bustle of our ADLs — activities of daily living — we may not always … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Jesus said mother I couldn’t stay another day longer He flies right by and leaves a kiss upon her face While the Angels are singing his praises in a blaze of glory Mary stays behind and starts cleaning up the … Continue reading

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Mycelium á la Hermes

You all know how much I love the idea of mushrooms replacing plastic packaging, mushrooms that eat plastics, and mushrooms as a meat substitute, but what about mushrooms as a high-end handbag by Hermés? Interested?  Read on about how Hermés … Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tricks and Holistic Home Organization Advice

a/k/a The Green Clean Please enjoy this blog post on eco-friendly cleaning by Mark Harris, an occasional contributor to Green Life Blue Water and one of the contributors to the free DIY eco site, Awareness Toolkits. Thanks, Mark. A clean, … Continue reading

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The State of the Earth – 2021

Make Earth Day Every Day April 22 — Earth Day.  I was leafing through an oversized magazine a friend gave me when she retired entitled,Earth Week ’70,published in 1970 as the Official Publication of the Philadelphia Earth Week Committee.  At … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Fatberg

FOG is no fun. Continue reading

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Toilets, Latrines, and Everything in Between

by Corinna Wang My friend and co-worker, Corinna Wang has written a most inspirational piece on the evolution of the toilet. Since April 7th is World Health Day, I thought this was a good day to post it. Thanks for … Continue reading

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The Bread of Life

So many of us are suffering right now. This past year as a result of Covid-19 has not been friendly to us humans and despite the vaccines we are not out of the tick-infested weeds yet. Whether the suffering is … Continue reading

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We Are Water Protectors

Stories and prophecies surrounding Mother Earth and Father Sky are abundant in indigenous folklore where Indigenous People have long protected the earth from those who would seek to abuse her resources. That’s why it is so wonderful to see that … Continue reading

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