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Do not despair our present difficulties, but believe always in the promise and greatness of America because nothing is inevitable here.  Americans never quit. We never surrender.  We never hide from history.  We make history.

Farewell speech of Sen. John McCain


Well, here we are again, the last Friday of the month and I’m in bonny Sugar Land, Texas, about 20 minutes from Houston, at a leadership conference for the Association of Jr. Leagues International.  Today I gave a presentation on green infrastructure, particularly, on building rain gardens, to a gathering of women belonging to Jr. Leagues from all over the country.  My hope is that maybe one or two will want to adopt our model and start building rain gardens in their cities.  It won’t fix the problem in the short term, but this is a long game for the more sustainable future that I know is at hand.

Meanwhile, I don’t want to shirk my WATWB duties so I’m leaving you with a story from the Chesapeake Bay Journal about, what else?  Green Infrastructure.  The town is Edmonston, Maryland, population 1,500, a half square mile of land outside of D.C. on the NE branch of the Anacostia River.   What started as a response to flooding has become a way of life for the residents of this working class community, and as the people of Edmonton continue to go green, they are enjoying a better quality of life as well.  Bioretention basins, rain gardens, permeable pavers, slower traffic to allow cyclists to ride and pedestrians to saunter, and fruit trees — particularly useful for a town that doesn’t have affordable groceries — abound.  Edmonston is a great model for other cities hoping to embrace the concept.  Go here to read more.

As for WATWB, this month’s cohosts are Eric Lahti, Inderpreet Uppal, Shilpa Garg, Sylvia Stein and Peter Nena

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14 Responses to WATWB – GI

  1. Inderpreet says:

    Such sustainable living is what we need for Mother earth to survive. Great initiative.

    Thank you so much! In Darkness, Be Light. Team #WATWB

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  2. Each one of us in every little way, all across this country, we can make a difference.

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  3. Susan Scott says:

    Way to go! Great story on Edmonston Pam – I FB’d it. Maybe it’ll be picked up and used. By golly it jolly well should. I like the idea of grabbing breakfast on the go … Well done on your advocacy for green environs. We’re waking up to the necessity of it. Have a great week and happy October xx

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  4. Ken Dowell says:

    The Edmonston story is downright inspiring. So many places could learn a lot from this modest town.

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  5. hilarymb says:

    Hi PJ – enjoy the weekend and conference. What a great project Edmonton has developed … surely an example that should be followed in other towns and villages … so interesting to read about the local initiative … loved reading about it – cheers Hilary

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  6. Hi Pam. I read the Edmonston article. That’s an amazing story. It gives me some degree of hope.
    Good luck at the conference. You’re doing a great job!


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  7. Hats off to you, sister x

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