Welcome to the May edition of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group or IWSG.  The whole point of the IWSG is to share, encourage, express doubts and hopes and fears all while ditching the negativity an angst cause that’s no fun for anyone. You can also sit around the virtual campfire and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of those who have gone before you so jump on in on first Wednesday of every month.  All you have to do is post to your blog an answer to that month’s question and let the conversation begin. Encourage, listen, meet new people, and link to this page.   In addition, a cool display of the IWSG badge in your post and on your sidebar would be most tasteful.

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In addition to ninja creator, Alex Cavanaugh the awesome co-hosts for the May 3 posting of the IWSG are Nancy Gideon, Tamara Narayan, Liesbet @ Roaming About, Michelle Wallace, and Feather Stone!

Every month, there is a new question to ponder and answer in your IWSG post.  Answer however you’d like.  Lie, even, if you feel you have to, but answer.  Or not.  You could do something completely different and no one would care because?  You know why.  It’s the insecure writer’s support group.  Nothing but love living here!

May 3 Question: What is the weirdest/coolest thing you ever had to research for your story?

Wellllll, that’s actually easy.  I was writing Oil and Water, my eco thriller novel, and I wanted an exciting diving scene to include that would put the protagonist, a diver and engineer who recently lost his wife and was himself lost to inertia and grief in a position where he’d have to act.  My husband had been a commercial diver for almost 20 years so I asked him a series of hypotheticals and he gave me a few possibilities and I asked a few more questions and we went back and forth about it for a while and before long we’d together created this elaborate underwater rescue that absolutely takes your breath away.  True confession:  it’s almost like an add-on to the book, not that I thought of it later, I really wanted it in there, but it doesn’t advance the story all that much other than to allow the ailing protagonist a victory that helps to improve his state of mind and move on through his grief.  And since this is IWSG posting day, I can say all that with impunity!

I will also say it was one of the most breathtaking (literally) scenes I’ve ever written and being able to collaborate with my husband on it was quite fun.

Happy IWSG day.  What’s your weird/cool research story?

pjlazos 5.3.17

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15 Responses to #IWSG

  1. Erika Beebe says:

    I bet the both of you love the collaboration 🙂

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    • pjlazos says:

      Yes, it was really fun and it’s not the only time I’ve asked him for help on other things that are of a “gears and pistons” nature. I don’t understand the mechanical world that easily, but he can see it and fix it and build it with ease.

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  2. That does sound like an exciting scene! When writing The Duncan Dewar Mysteries, I’ve researched many unusual items, from crane accidents (surprisingly, many videos of these are set to techno pop music) to bizarre things reported in the skies during the twelfth century.

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    • pjlazos says:

      Oh my gosh, that’s so wild! What was in the sky?! Aliens?? 👽 I think one of the weirdest things I ever researched was spontaneous human combustion! Ack!!


  3. Ken Dowell says:

    I totally remember that scene and remember at the time being impressed by how realistic is seemed, although I’ve never dived beyond jumping off a diving board at a swimming pool, so what do I know.

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  4. I’m intrigued as always. One of these days, I’m going to convince you to be my critique partner. Would you be open to exchanging our first chapters and story blurbs? Email me if you are!!!

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  5. WOW!. That is some research. I was totally hooked by the notion of the rescue and also in total admiration that you felt it did not advance the book all that much. True focus there xxxxxxx

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  6. miladyronel says:

    Well, if the character needs this scene to happen, then it needs to be in the story 🙂 Sounds like you had a lot of fun researching.

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